Saturday, October 11, 2014

Airport Baggage Handling Systems

BEUMER BHS management systems
Software and controls is of the essence for a successful integration of baggage sorting and transportation equipment. Crisplant and BEUMER have in-house developed control and management software including SAC and MICS/SCADA as well as baggage reconciliation (BRS) that offers improved level of security and aids prevention of short-shipped and misrouted bags.
For a high capacity baggage handling system it is vital that the software managing and controlling the baggage handling system successfully integrates all the sorting and transportation equipment and provides an intuitive user interface. Crisplant and BEUMER have many years of experience in achieving just that and use system simulation and emulation to verify all software and hardware minimising valuable project site time and costs.
The BHS management software suite covers all aspects of baggage handling and is currently controlling the baggage handling process in both major international hubs and regional airports around the world.
All projects from BEUMER Group are submitted to multi-stage testing. System simulation and emulation is used as part of these tests to verify the software and hardware upon completion of the system design and software coding. Crisplant and BEUMER have developed a SW tool to generate emulation from the project specific 3D AutoCAD drawings of the baggage handling system.
Emulation links the actual hardware and the controls software to a computer model running the actions and initiating the I/Os and telegram flow in real time. This process ensures that the upper and low level software is fully tested before shipment to the airport site. Using emulation to test the system early in the project minimises valuable project site time and reduces costs

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