Saturday, October 11, 2014

Airport Baggage Handling Systems


BEUMER Baggage Unloader
The Baggage Unloader has been developed to transfer bags from a container onto a conveying line in the airport. It allows operators to slide bags onto the conveyor rather than lifting them. This inherently gentle handling technique means that the risks of operator injury, and damage to baggage, are reduced, and ULDs are unloaded faster and more efficiently.
Simply by moving the Baggage Unloader into position in front of the container and extending the ramp to each stack of bags, the operator bridges the gap between the conveyor and the container and thereby reduces the ergonomic risks to operators’ backs, shoulders, etc.
The complete Baggage Unloader system can be easily integrated into existing systems to optimise the efficiency of the unloading process in the airport. Designed to operate within a very compact working area, the Baggage Unloader is highly space-efficient and, as a fully manual handling aid, consumes no energy.
·         Fast and easy to operate
·         2.5 minutes unloading time per ULD
·         Suitable for all containers and vehicles
·         Allows operators to slide bags rather than lift them

·         Minimal training required

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